October 15, 2012: Skins-Vikes, Nats Collapse, Prez Knife Fight and Yo Face

My my,  how lovely it is to see you all once again!

Welcome to this week’s installment of Bottom Line Radio!  We’ve got a giggly show for you this week, despite the heartbreaking end to the Nationals postseason run and funnyman Dylan being out of action.  Don’t worry, he’ll be back next week as we, no doubt, delve into some of what happened at Hofstra  last night and what will happen in the Meadowlands on Sunday.

But, here’s what we’ve got for you this week, my lovelies:

Redskins Wrap Up

We get right into another amazing performance from the rookie of the millennium, Robert Griffin III.  Somebody was all tuckered out and couldn’t stay awake long enough to catch RGIII’s 76-yard TD run, but that doesn’t mean he’s not excited about the Redskins ending their home losing streak ahead of a HUGE game in New York New Jersey against the defending champs this week.

Above, we’ve included a GIF just in case you have been under a rock or in a comma.

Anyone else starting to reevaluate their expectation for this season?

Nats Heartache

The guys do their best to express their feelings after a loss that is truly impossible to put into words.  Following the heartbreaking loss in Game 5 to the Cards, Josh and Sean look back at some quality trips to Nationals Park and lament over a magical season that ended too soon, but also raised the bar for the team and it’s fanbase.

Miguel and Jason pretend to care.


Presidential Battle Royal

On the eve of what turned out to be a pretty lively second presidential debate, the Bottom Line boys express their annoyance with election season and then examine an article that theorizes what would happen if all the former presidents of the good ole US of A were pitted against one another in a knife fight to the death.

You wouldn’t like Teddy when he’s angry…


Body Modification… Lookin’ at you, FA774!

Miguel stirs the pot and gets the creative juices flowing, so to speak, by presenting an article listing some possible technological advances in the world of “you not being so damn ugly.”  From bra implants to brainpower-enhancing cogs,  what can we change about you?

While we were without a couple stapes of the show this week, missing “Dylan’s Burning Question” and Flash News!  But, have no fear, they will return next week.

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